Benefits of a Daily ‘Caffeine Fix’ for Your Skin


Caffeine as a topical ingredient is being acclaimed by dermatologists for its positive impact on skin.

Caffeine is an anti-inflammatory and is able to constrict blood vessels. It is used in skin care products to minimise the appearance of facial redness and may be of benefit to those who suffer from rosacea, a chronic skin condition essentially caused by dilated blood vessels that lose their ability to contract in a normal way. Caffeine also works as a cellulite fighter. Research conducted by the Mayo clinic in the USA suggests that caffeine applied to the skin, may reduce the fat content within human fat cells. There is a general consensus among scientists that caffeine interferes with the activity of a specific chemical messenger within the cells known as phosphodiesterase. The human body harnesses phosphodiesterase to prevent the breakdown of body fat. By inhibiting this natural body chemical phosphodiesterase, caffeine helps the body to burn off the deposits of fatty tissue that may contribute to cellulite. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and fat fighting benefits, caffeine is also touted for its powerful antioxidant properties when used both topically and when taken orally. Research suggests that both oral and topical caffeine may offer powerful anticarcinogenic benefits resulting from UV damage. A series of medical studies found that caffeinated green tea and black teas prevented sun damage and even repaired UV damage once it occurred. Decaffeinated teas however did not have this effect. Another study indicated that topical caffeine may be even more potent than green tea polyphenols and may act to repair sun damage. In addition, coffee berry, extracted from the fruit of the coffee plant (an ingredient present in Synergie ImprovEyes day) is also known to skin care formulators as an excellent antioxidant and blood vessel regulator.
Formulating caffeine in a readily absorbable skin product may help reduce the appearance of cellulite, address facial redness and even help fight UV damage. So that morning coffee hit may not be such a vice after all!

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